RISING TEMPERATURES ARE a challenge to animal health.

 The problem 

Parasites, diseases, and rising temperatures

Rising temperatures, increased pet travel, and the introduction of invasive vector species, among others, are impacting parasite and disease dynamics. These constantly changing conditions pose serious questions about pet health that need to be answered, urgently.

To protect our pets and our communities against emerging threats, a new paradigm is needed: continuous parasite protection, increased awareness, and research.

Picture from: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio.

Parasites are increasing their activity periods and geographical range.

Many of these parasites are vectors of dangerous diseases and zoonoses.

The reality is changing day by day: there is a need for updated information and research to ensure emerging diseases can be treated using year-round protection on at a local level.


Identify ticks and help researchers with Tickit.

Despite the growing evidence of rising temperatures, there is a huge lack of updated data preventing the animal health community from taking action.

Your role is key: Simply capture a picture, or upload it to the app, and Artificial Intelligence will identify the tick down to its genus.

Join thousands of veterinarians from all Europe and help us ‘build the science’ around this crucial issue, while monitoring tick distribution and seasonal activity. It’s your opportunity to be part of the answer to the threats posed by rising temperatures.

 Stay curious 


Your environment is changing: as parasites and the diseases they carry gain ground, unexpected threats might already be lurking in your backyard. Are you curious about how rising temperatures are helping to facilitate the spread of diseases? Stay updated and provide answers your patients can trust.

With seasonal change come new paradigms

 The experts 

experts with answers

To understand how rising temperatures threatens animal health, we recruited 21 experts from all over Europe.

The #ProtectOurFutureToo team includes some of the world’s leading experts on parasites, parasite-borne diseases, behavior, and One Health.

At cutting edge

 For your clinic  

Raise awareness AND PROVIDE ANSWERS, one Pet OWNER at a time

Here you will find actionable advices you can share with pet owners to help them protect their furry friends, as well as digital goods to share on your social media, point of sales materials, and much more.

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 About us  

What is #ProtectOurFutureToo?

To confront the challenges of rising temperatures, we have gathered veterinarians, researchers, and scientific experts within the veterinarian community to help us define new paradigms, develop strategies and technology to be the answer we need to keep our pets and communities protected.

tickit app

What tick is that?

Identify ticks and help researchers monitor tick distribution and activity.