Identify ticks quickly and accurately

What ticks are lurking in your area?

With the rises in temperature, ticks’ activity period is becoming longer and they are increasing their geographical range. Despite the evidence of rising temperatures and its risks, there is a lack of updated knowledge and data on preventing the animal health community from taking action.

Your role is key: Simply capture a picture, or upload it to the app, and Artificial Intelligence will identify the tick down to its genus. Join thousands of veterinarians from all Europe and help us ‘build the science’ around this crucial issue.

With the Tickit App, you can identify ticks and learn which are a threat in your area. In the process, you will be helping researchers monitor the distribution and seasonal activity ticks.

How does Tickit work?

Capture a picture —or upload it to the app— and Artificial Intelligence will accurately identify the tick down to its genus.

How does Tickit work?

Installing Tickit is quick and easy. By using it you will be helping researchers understand ticks better and be part of the answer to the growing threat they pose.

Download the app

Download and install Tickit on your phone.

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Identify ticks

Start taking pictures of the ticks you find and accurately identify them down to genus.

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