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A bundle of assets focused on emphasizing the importance of continuous parasite protection to prevent vector-borne diseases and potentiate the role of the veterinarian as the answer for pet owners.

PACK Reminder 1

Ticks are becoming a year-round menace. Have you contacted our practice to find out how to deal with them yet? Don’t forget to book your appointment! #protectourfuturetoo

PACK Reminder 2

Ticks are becoming a year-round threat. Now it’s time to book an appointment to get the answers you need to combat them, 365 days a year. Contact our practice today! #protectourfuturetoo

PACK Reminder 3

Rising temperatures mean changing threats to your pets. How safe are they? And how would you know? Contact our practice for answers. #protectourfuturetoo

PACK Reminder 4

Parasites are becoming active year-round and spreading to new areas. They won’t wait to infect your pet. Remember to contact us for answers. #protectourfuturetoo

PACK Reminder 5

Ticks can transmit deadly diseases to your pet. An early diagnosis can make all the difference. Make an appointment with our practice for answers. #protectourfuturetoo

PACK Reminder 6

Threats posed by ticks are growing to become a year-round menace. So don’t wait. Contact our practice for answers! #protectourfuturetoo