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Pack protection

A bundle of assets focused on sharing basic information around parasites and their effect on pet health. It includes advice on how to avoid these threats and the importance of visiting the veterinarian regularly.

PACK Protection 1

Did you also know we have the answers to protecting your pets? Contact our practice today. #protectourfuturetoo

PACK Protection 2

Rising temperatures mean ticks stay active all year round. Make sure your pet is protected, book an appointment with us today and get the answers you need. #protectourfuturetoo

PACK Protection 3

Parasites can be found in city parks, and some of them may even be present in your backyard! Warmer winters and hotter summers are the perfect combination for parasites to thrive. So don’t delay–ask us for the answers to stopping them becoming a danger to our pets. Make an appointment today.

PACK Protection 4

An open window can put your cat at risk. Did you know that fleas can live and quickly colonize your house? The best way to avoid an infestation is through prevention.
Ensure your cat and your family’s safety by protecting against parasites all year-round. Book an appointment today and get the answers you need! #protectourfuturetoo

PACK Protection 5

Storm phobia is one of the most common fears in pets. Due to rising temperatures and changing weathers, storms can be increased – and our pets suffer the consequences.
Make sure your pet is well protected, book an appointment today to get the answers you need. #protectourfuturetoo

PACK Protection 6

Threats posed by ticks are growing to become a year-round menace. So don’t wait. Contact our practice for answers! #protectourfuturetoo